Miller & Kreisel M&K IW500 – In-Wall THX Certified Dominus Speaker


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The first THX® Certified Dominus in-wall loudspeaker for very large home cinemas with both vertical and horizontal installation flexibility
M&K Sound has combined a high-performance one-inch soft dome tweeter with a precision-crafted aluminum waveguide to ensure accurate and focused vertical and horizontal dispersion characteristics. The design marks the first time M&K Sound has developed a horn-loaded loudspeaker which guarantees real and natural delivery, whether placed vertically or horizontally.

The IW500 combines two Kurt Muller three-inch soft dome midrange drivers (800 Hz to 2500 Hz) with shallow waveguides. These pair with a complex crossover network to promote an audible smoothness and non-fatiguing character across the frequency range. By consolidating excellent vertical response from the crossover with excellent horizontal dispersion from the vertical driver array, the IW500 produces a profoundly flat power response.

The IW500’s onboard dual 8-inch woofers employ large magnets and carbon fiber cones to achieve its high sensitivity rating (92 dB SPL @ 1 meter with 2.83V), enabling a full-bodied and visceral low-frequency response. M&K Sound’s proprietary ‘Capacitive Coupling’ design feature in the crossover allows for a much smaller enclosure than normally required. It also ensures tighter bass response, increased impedance (easier to drive) and less distortion.

The IW500’s revolutionary crossover is responsible for the loudspeaker’s smooth frequency and polar responses. Transition between high, mid and bass frequencies is seamless, a trademark design feature of M&K Sound’s reference loudspeakers. The IW500 includes newly developed transducers with extra-large magnets for less compressed and less distorted sound.


THX® Certification
THX® Certified Dominus

Nominal System Impedance
4 ohm
(Z-min 4.6 ohm)

Frequency Response
80-20K Hz
(on axis response in room +/- 1.5dB)

Low Frequency Roll Off
(-10 @55 Hz near field)

Crossover Frequency
700Hz, 2.5K Hz
Power Response optimized

1 x 1,1” Dome
Coated silk dome / Scan speak

2 x 3″
Coated Sik dome w/ Rear Chamber

2 x 8″
Carbon Fibre laminated

Power Handling
500 watt
Long term IEC-268-5 (cycled input 77-20K Hz)

Power Handling
300 watt
Rated IEC-268-5 (constant input 77-20K Hz)

Recommended Amp Power
100-500 watt
Recommended Amp Power Min / Max

92 dB
Average SPL 2.83 volt / 1M (on axis 100-20kHz)

Max SPL Continued
113 dB
Sinewave 100-8000 Hz / THD less than 10%

Max SPL Peak
121 dB
Sinewave 100-8000 Hz / THD less than 10%



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