MartinLogan Motion XTW5-LCR 5.25″ In-Wall Speaker Each


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The MartinLogan Motion XTW5-LCR functions equally well as a center, front or surround channel, or anywhere higher performance and/or a more rectangular shape is desired. A perfect complement for a flat panel TV or projector screen; the XTW5-LCR allows for flexible placement and incredible performance. Its FMT XT tweeter can be rotated to help create the sound dispersion that works best for your space.

The Sound of Invisibility:
Folded Motion® Tweeters
MartinLogan’s signature Folded Motion Tweeter utilizes an extremely low-mass diaphragm that “squeezes” air, thus requiring significantly less excursion than the typical 1-inch dome tweeter. Its folded design allows for a much larger surface area (compared to that of a regular 1-inch dome tweeter), controlled dispersion characteristics, and vanishingly low distortion. It’s a miracle of audio engineering that delivers much of the high-frequency detail, speed and response of a large, dynamic electrostatic panel in a small space. Folded Motion XT tweeters advance thin-film transducer technology even further with a 40% larger radiating surface and 80×30-degree controlled dispersion. This upgrade increases audible bandwidth without sacrificing detail and reduces distortion to an incredibly low level while increasing efficiency and the tweeter’s already lightning-fast response time. The result is superior realism and alarming specificity that is aurally astounding, and only by MartinLogan.

This thin-film transducer design packs all the accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel into a small space. Folding the dramatically lightweight film into an accordion-like structure increases the surface area, giving Folded Motion tweeters eight to ten times greater surface area than typical tweeters. This ideal combination of light and large produces superior accuracy, extended frequency bandwidth and higher output capability; all with a faster, more efficient transient response, and virtually zero distortion. In these characteristics, the Folded Motion Tweeter design can mimic the performance of a large electrostatic panel in the confines of a more traditional loudspeaker enclosure.


Frequency Response
61 – 25,000 Hz ±3dB

Tweeter Dispersion (horizontal x vertical)
80 x 30 degrees

Recommended Amplifier Power
Range 50–250 Watts

92dB @2.83V/ 1 meter

4 ohms. Compatible with 8 ohms

High Frequency Driver
FMT Transducer 1.27” x 2.4” (3.22cm x 6.09cm) Opening 4.5” x 2.75” (11.43cm x 6.98cm) Diaphragm

Crossover Frequency
2,180 Hz

Crossover Type
2 way

Driver Configuration
1 x 1.27” x 2.75” FMT, 2 x 5.25” Woofers

Woofer Specifications
Two 5.25” (13.33 cm) cast aluminum basket, black Kevlar with Nomex backer cone, Open back chamber format. Concave dust cap.

Cabinet Material
Black w/ White Paintable Grill

Push style

Custom air core coil inductors, polyester film capacitors in series and low DF electrolytic capacitors FMT thermal/current protection.

Max Power Handling
125 Watts

4.4 kg each

Dimensions (overall size)
20 x 40.1 x 8.43cm

Required Wall Opening (includes tolerance)
36.8 x 16.5cm

Projection From Wall Surface

Depth Behind Wall Surface

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