AURA is the latest innovation in the family of class-leading Wharfedale speakers. Taking inspiration from the flagship ELYSIAN series through fit, finish and technological derivatives, AURA is another boundary-breaking model that challenges the norms of value while delivering all the detail, energy and thrill of your music collection with a class-leading performance but with a class-defying price tag.

Equipped with the now world-famous Wharfedale AMT transducer, each AURA model emits breathtaking high-frequency definition.

Unlike conventional dome or other ribbon and planar diaphragms, the Wharfedale AMT high-frequency transducer does not move forwards and backwards like a piston. It is, therefore, not constrained by the mass of its diaphragm, with the attendant blurring of transient response. Instead, the diaphragm is folded and carries conductive elements immersed in an immensely strong magnetic field. Not only is this an efficient way of moving air, but it is also highly accurate as the diaphragm is under close control of the motor system at all times. The result is a wide bandwidth transducer that achieves extremely low distortion and extraordinary musical detail, with scintillating speed and dynamic ability.

AURA Cones
As Wharfedale engineers found when designing the flagship ELYSIAN series, the transient accuracy and efficiency of the AMT need to be matched by the midrange and bass drivers for a seamless audio performance. Accordingly, AURA also uses a proprietary woven glass fibre matrix diaphragm for the midrange and bass cones terminated by high-flexibility rubber surrounds. The voice coils driving the cones are immersed in high flux magnetic fields, with eddy currents and inductance controlled by copper-clad pole pieces.

These low-distortion motor systems are mounted on die-cast aluminium chassis, each fixed to the cabinet by six high-tensile bolts to maintain the rigidity of the structure and provide an accurate transient response. The rubber trim rings surrounding each chassis are not just a decorative feature but also control any resonance occurring at the junction of the aluminium chassis and wood cabinet.

AURA Crossover
The crossover is at the heart of every loudspeaker, weaving the overall performance into a ‘sum-of-all-parts’. Wharfedale were one of the first domestic speaker manufacturers to utilise a crossover to divide the frequency band between drive units that were each optimised for bass, midrange and treble.

With 90 years of learning, not to mention the benefit of having one of the world’s most respected crossover architects leading the development, in the form of Peter Comeau, IAG’s Director of Acoustic Design, the sophisticated crossover networks are fine-tuned over hundreds of hours of listening tests to ensure a seamless blend between the drive units.


General Description
3 – way Floorstanding Speaker
Enclosure Type
Bass Reflex
Transducer Complement
3 – way
Bass Driver
6.5″ (150mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone x 2
Midrange Driver
4″ (100mm) Black Glass Fibre Matrix Cone
High Frequency Driver
27mm * 90mm AMT
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)
Recommended Amplifier Power
30W – 200W
Peak SPL
Nominal Impedance
4Ω (8Ω Compatible)
Minimum Impedance
Frequency Response (+/-3dB)
37Hz – 22kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB)
Crossover Frequency
475Hz, 3.3kHz
Cabinet Volume (in Litres)
4.8L, 67.2L
Dimensions (mm)
Height (on Plinth)
Depth (with Terminals)
Carton Size
505mm x 425mm x 1255mm
Net Weight
24.5kg / pcs
Gross Weight
26.5kg / ctn



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