PSB Speakers M4U 8 MKII Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones


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Experience real innovation with the PSB speakers M4U 8 MKII. These wireless noise-canceling headphones offer enhanced sound quality, advanced noise cancellation, personalized listening, and exceptional comfort. Discover a new realm of auditory excellence, whether on the road, at your desk or off the clock.

Block out the noise 
The M4U 8 MKII is upgraded to elevate wireless noise-canceling headphones to new heights. Enhanced features, improved sound quality, and advanced noise-canceling technology offer a better experience. With aptX HD Bluetooth, you’ll enjoy exceptionally clear sound without significant loss during wireless transmission. Its all-digital signal path simplifies audio conversion for pristine sound. High-quality calls are ensured with sensitive microphones, and you can effortlessly switch between passive, active, and noise-canceling modes.

Personalized to your hearing
While most headphone designs assume uniform abilities, the truth is that no two ears, not even yours, hear the same way. That’s why we’ve integrated Audiodo Personal Sound™ to measure your distinct hearing abilities, compensating for hearing damage, physiological differences, or psychoacoustic perceptions. The efficient Audiodo hearing calibration within the dedicated PSB Headphones app  generates an incredibly accurate model of your hearing, unveiling PSB’s genuine sound with the highest quality.

RoomFeel: For a revolutionary experience
PSB’s RoomFeel technology sets the M4U 8 MKII apart. Developed with decades of acoustic design knowledge, RoomFeel mimics the warmth and energy added by a room when listening to high-quality loudspeakers. This innovation ensures the M4U 8 MKII delivers clear, natural sound akin to a live performance. Whether traveling far, binge-watching, or in a marathon workday, RoomFeel keeps the music immersive and fresh.

Unmatched Comfort for Extended Wear
The M4U 8 MKII ensures your comfort during extended sessions. Gyro-suspended earpads, tilted at an ideal 15 degrees, offer ergonomic support, while the expandable headband adjusts for a customized fit. Super soft earpads, available in fabric and leatherette, create a secure seal for undisturbed sound. Enjoy up to 25 hours of Active Mode runtime, switch to wired operation with 3.5mm or USB-C connections, and track your battery status with the PSB Headphones app.


Frequency Response
LF Cutoff -10dB
10 – 20,000Hz
LF Cutoff -3dB
15 – 20,000Hz
Within ±1 1/2dB
20 – 20,000Hz

THD, total harmonic distortion
ANC: ON (1kHz/1mW)
ANC: OFF (1kHz/1mW)

Power Handling

32 Ohms


Operating Principle

Ear Coupling
Ear Coupling

1/8” * (3.5mm) Stereo Jack (Left or Right)
Bluetooth aptX® HD, AAC USB C

Standard Cable – 2m (78 3/4″) Detachable Tangle-free
USB Cable – 2m (78 3/4″) Detachable Tangle-free

Battery Life
Wireless Active Mode
25 hrs
Wireless ANC Mode
18 hrs



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