The Primare R32 phono preamplifier is designed in Sweden and is a fully discrete, solid-state, DC-coupled, class-A phono preamplifier. The R32 has three gain settings, allowing it to work with the vast majority of cartridges available, past and present.

Gain Options
The R32 features very convenient externally switchable resistive loading for your moving coil cartridges. The load impedance can be set anywhere between 10 ohms and 47 kohms, with a broad range of steps in between. This allows owners the freedom to explore the subtle and not-so-subtle changes one can make to the sound of a MC cart, by varying the resistive loading.

In addition, there are two external gain settings, for MM and MC cartridges. The gain is a good 40 dB in the MM operation (internally, you can switch to 46 dB). There is a 62 dB gain available for MC signals and that is enough for the most current pickups.

Being a discrete design, there are only a few transistors in the signal path and no chips. There is a DC servo, implemented with feedback by an op amp, but this lies outside the signal path. To clarify, really everything is in the signal path, but the DC servo essentially lies to one side of the signal path and acts to correct any DC voltages that might make their way to the output.

DC-coupling means that the frequency response of the Primare R32 phono preamplifier is ruler-flat down to a few tenths above 0Hz, almost guaranteeing excellent bass performance. The standard RIAA EQ curve is only really applicable to the 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range, but the electronics in the are flat to well below this 20Hz bass cut-off point.







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