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The DAC30 is an audiophile bridge between a hi-fi system and the music files on your computer. If you’re one of the many music fans who are building their collections with downloads and rips, the DAC30 will give you the simplest and most luxurious way to access the best quality from your favourite songs and albums.


Built with the experience that comes from over thirty years of specialised hi-fi design, the DAC30 introduces Primare’s signature engineering to the audio path from computer to your amps and speakers. Wherever you store your music files, be it hard drive or NAS, the DAC30 will render every selection in its native resolution – from standard 16bit/44kHz CD right up to HD at 24/192. And the process is seamless and automatic – rarely will you need to pick up the remote supplied. Simply select power and one of five inputs, including asynchronous USB-B, stereo balanced AES EBU and three pairs of coaxial and TOSLINK connectors. With such a comprehensive range of inputs you can upgrade the performance of existing high-end CD players, SAT boxes or games consoles, as well as transform the sound of PC or Mac through the DAC30’s supreme audio processing.


The Art of Music Making

When it comes to making music, the DAC30 is equipped to reveal the nature of your music collection as never before. From the very first ground-breaking Primare product, we’ve specialised in the ar t of reducing circuit-borne noise to very low levels while preserving the fidelity of the recorded work. Behind the DAC30’s elegant fascia, a rigid steel chassis protects the ultra-low noise signal paths from external vibrations. Advanced digital signal processing, which is also employed by our celebrated BD32 universal player, is isolated from our trademark balanced low-noise analogue output stage to deliver cleanest most dynamic wideband audio. Very high signal to noise performance is maintained as well by multiple regulated power supplies, according to Primare’s time-honoured approach to audiophile music making.


Experience Primare through the DAC30

Like every Primare product before it, the DAC30 defines what a quality music playback component should be. Since the first radical Primare products in the early 1980s, our engineers have been guided by the need to balance superior acoustic design with a bold aesthetic statement, in order to energise all the senses.


We believe that every Primare product should possess the power to inspire a more absorbing listening experience, but also to stimulate visual and sensual pleasure as well. Run your fingers along the DAC30’s sheer finely-brushed alloy fascia to measure the precision of our manufacturing; feel the material quality of Primare engineering when you hold the product; stand back and admire the sophisticated Scandinavian style of its timeless, confident and unfussy design. These are the virtues that separate Primare from other brands and which make the experience of owning the DAC30, and other Primare products, more valuable and satisfying to owners. When you invest in a DAC30, you’ll enjoy easy, effortless luxury combined with a superb audio reproduction that breathes new life into your favourite music.


Output stage:    Fully balanced analogue

Outputs:              1 pair XLR and 1 pair RCA (both 4,3V)

Inputs:  1x asynchronous USB-B


3x Optical

3x Coax S/PDIF

Mute circuit:      Audiophile relay controlled

PLS:        Fully Linear

Signal to Noise:                120dB

Input selection, DIM, ON/OFF:  can be operated by remote C23 or C33.(select MEDIA)

Color:    black or titanium


Weight:               8,5kg


Width:  430 mm


Depth:  370 mm


Height: 95 mm



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