Primare A32 power amplifier
With the mighty A32, Primare has set foot on truly esoteric ground. This is a massive fully balanced design capable of controlling the most demanding low-sensitivity speakers – even at the very highest volume levels. The specification is impressive. Equipped with a 2kVa toroidal transformer featuring four separate windings, two for each (L/R) channel; a reservoir of 90.000 uF and sixteen bipolar output devices per channel, the Primare A32 power amplifier is undeniably an elite amplifier in the classic Primare dual/mono mould. Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided, as well as twin speaker terminals for bi-wiring, a trigger input and RS232C inputs. If the unbalanced inputs are used the A32 converts the signal to balanced, to take full advantage of its balanced design.


Primare A32 power amplifier Specifications

  • High Current Dual Mono Fully Balanced Power Amplifier.
  • 2000VA toroidal transformer.
  • A total of 180 000 uF electrolytes in the power supply.
  • Dual set of speaker terminals for each channel.
  • Balanced (RCA) and Unbalanced (XLR) inputs.
  • Input impedance: 15kohm, RCA and XLR
  • Output Power (both channels driven): 2x250W 8ohms load 20Hz-20Khz; 2x400W 4ohms load 20Hz-20KHz

  • THD+N: below 0.05% in both cases.
  • THD+N: 1kHz, 250W, 8 ohm load below 0.01%.
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-100kHz –0.5dB
  • Noise: below –100dBV
  • Gain: 26dB unbalanced, 20dB balanced.
  • Trigger input range: 4-15V
  • Colour options: Black or Titanium
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Dimensions: W 430mm x D 546mm x H 216mm (With Feet)



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