NAD M12 – Digital Pre-Amplifier DAC

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Built for the future, the NAD M12 is neither a typical DAC nor a typical preamplifier. In fact, the NAD M12 is an ultra-high resolution digital audio hub that boasts a full roster of audiophile-grade features. In addition, Modular Design Construction allows new features and functionality to be added now or in the future.

These features leverage some of the most advanced digital audio thinking to date, resulting in a truly outstanding product. NAD’s DirectDigital™ processing, as well as a fully balanced Class-A buffer stage, provide amazing accuracy and transparency with a completely silent background. The M12 interfaces with all digital or analogue musical sources, and renders them perfectly to power amplifiers and active loudspeakers with its balanced or single-ended outputs. 

NAD DirectDigital™ Innovation
DirectDigital™ amplification offers the highest level of performance. The 35-bit data path with 24-bit coefficients and 62-bit accumulation, and dithered truncation back to 35-bits after DSP functions guarantee the overall 24-bit accuracy. With this degree of resolution, all preamp functions can be accomplished with a new level of precision all in the digital domain. Because of the super high resolution, even 24-bit files are processed without truncation or loss of information.

Uncompromised Connection
Standard inputs include AES/EBU, Asynchronous 24/192 USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs and balanced and single-ended line level inputs including a high performance MC/MM phono stage. Rounding out the picture, a pure Class-A buffer using the latest generation of Super OP Amps provide low impedance balanced and single-ended connections to power amplifiers or active loudspeakers. A remote controls all functions and IR repeaters, 12V triggers, and a serial port to make integration with advanced control systems a snap.

Fine Tune Your System
Because of the massive computing power and high-resolution signal path, some interesting features have also been incorporated to further perfect the listening experience. Want to add a subwoofer to your system? The M12 includes a second order high pass and low pass crossover with selectable frequency. You can even select different frequency knees for each filter. This level of flexibility and precision is made possible by our highly perfected DirectDigital architecture. 


Line Level Input
Input Impedance
56 kilohm + 220pF

Input Sensitivity
40mV (ref. 500mV out)

Maximum Input Signal

Signal/Noise Ratio, A-weighted
>90dB (ref. 500mV in 500mV out, volume set to unity gain
>80dB (ref. 2V out, Volume maximum)

Channel Separation
>70dB (ref. 1kHz/10kHz)

Frequency Response
±0.3dB (ref. 20Hz-20kHz, Tone Controls – On)
±0.3dB (ref. 20Hz-20kHz, Tone Controls – Off)

Frequency Response (subwoofer out)
10-200Hz (ref. -3dB)

Maximum Output Level
>8Vrms into 600 Ohms

>0.005% (ref. 20Hz-20kHz, 2V out)


Standby Mode

Tone Controls
±10dB at 10kHz (ref. 2V in 2V out)

±10dB at 100Hz (ref. 2V in 2V out)

USB Input
Digital USB Front/Digital USB Back (USB Type A)
FLAC: 24bit/48kHz

Computer (USB Type B)
24 bit/192kHz PCM content from PC or Mac
Digital Input (Coaxial, Optical, AES/EBU)

Input Impedance
75 Ohms (coaxial)
110 Ohms (AES/EBU)

Sample Rate
32kHz to 192kHz

Frequency Response
±0.5dB (ref. 20Hz-96kHz @ 192kHz)

Channel Separation
>75dB (ref. 1/3 rated power, 10kHz 4 Ohms)

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