Jamo S7-25F – Studio7 Floorstanding Speakers Pair


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The Jamo S7-25F allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV-shows, soundtracks and games with high-resolution and room-filling sound. An all-new 1-inch tweeter featuring a copper faraday ring which increases sensitivity and reduces non-linear distortion carries out the high-frequency duties. The tweeter and surround are made from fabric and exhibit excellent distortion characteristics and wide bandwidth for a non-fatiguing yet detailed sound.


Natural Bass
The bass drivers feature embossed paper cones, high strength motor assemblies incorporating aluminum inductance shorting rings that enhance power handling and lower distortion. The aluminum shorting ring lowers distortion for clean, dynamic bass and increases power handling as the aluminum ring acts as a heat sink. The embossed paper cone with Thor’s Hammer detailing increases the rigidity to improve the transient response for that snappy yet natural bass.


Design: 2-Way bass reflex
HF: 1’’/2.54 cm Vented tweeter with a fabric dome
LF: Dual 5.5’’ / 14 cm woofer – Embossed paper cone with Thor’s hammer
Frequency response (±3 dB): 69 Hz – 21 kHz
Frequency range in bass section (-6 dB): 52 Hz – 28 kHz
Crossover frequency: 1733 Hz
Maximum output : 107 dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Dimensions (unit) (H x W x D)​: 80.5 x 20 x 34 cm 
Product Weight (unit): 12.32 kg 


Jamo chose the Studio7 range’s colors from the chromatic palette of Scandinavian landscapes. Norwegian fjords inspire the dark blue, while the grey finish channels the hue of fog hanging over a Finnish forest. The Jamo Studio7 will enhance your living space no matter which color you choose.

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