16A Power Conditioner with Lights, Volt/Ammeter, Export, Surge Protection, Noise Filtration, Voltage Protection, 16 AMP Rating, Voltmeter / Ammeter

10A Two Outlet Power Conditioner. Export. Furman’s exclusive SMP Technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available, LiFT offers linear AC power filtering to ensure clean power for unequaled audio & video clarity, 10 amp rating featuring circuit breaker for added protection, Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical video circuits, Compact chassis design easily attaches to any flat screen television mount or any other remote location!

Power Conditioner and Voltmeter
With dimmable and pull-out LED rack lighting as well as LCD input voltage display
16 A Maximum output current (Max. 3680 Watt)
Front panel convenience charger allows you to charge most media devices or power a USB lamp.
Maintenance-free overvoltage protection
10x IEC-320 Rear panel outlets and one front panel convenience outlet
SMP (Series Mode Protection) maintenance-free surge protection
Transient voltage surge suppressor
With LIFT (Linear Filtering Technology) noise filtration (10 dB @ 10 kHz, 40 dB @ 100 kHz, 100 dB @ 10 MHz)
Rear panel BNC connector powers any standard gooseneck lamp (12 V, 0,5 A), switchable on the front
Dimensions: 19″ / 1U
Installation depth 26.7 cm
Weight: 4.6 kg

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