EverSolo AMP-F2 – 2 Channel Power Amplifier 2x145W


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The EverSolo AMP F2 boasts a high sampling rate of up to 600KHz. Simultaneously, it significantly reduces noise and enhances dynamic performance through the newly designed SAPS audio-specific switch power supply. it employs an efficient Class D amplification structure, coupled with optimized circuits to maximize audio quality. The AMP-F2 is bridgeable, allowing flexible configuration for 2 channel or mono-channel setups when needed.

Accurate Sound Perfect Experience
The NS600 module employs PurePath Ultra HD technology and advanced integrated feedback design, featuring high speed gate driver error correction functions. This technology achieves ultra-low distortion across the entire audio frequency range, delivering perfect high-end audio quality.

Powerful Power Drive
Utilizing a 600W high-effiency, low ripple, low EMI switch power supply, it delivers consistent and powerful output, extremely low noise, enhancing the overall dynamic performance of the system.

Aluminum Body Shielding Design
Complete self protection and anti-interference design to avoid disturbances from various electrical environments.

One-Touch Activation Seamless Control
The AMP-F2 is equipped with standard 12V Trigger IN and Trigger OUT function, allowing it to be synchronized with other devices that support standard Trigger interface for power on and off; Using the USB to Trigger adaptor cable provided with the AMP-F2, you can connect the USB type A interface of the DMP-A6 to the trigger IN of the AMP-F2 to achieve synchronization.


Output Power
250W RMS at 4Ω(1%THD,per channel)145W RMS at 8Ω(1%THD,per channel)

Bridge Mode Output Power
450W RMS at 2Ω(Bridge Mode)

Channel quantity
2 Channels

Amplifier type
Class D

Frequency Response
10Hz-20kHz -1.2dB

Maximum output current
16.5A(per channel)/ 33A(Bridge)

Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR)
>110dB,”A” weighted 4Ω 260W

Input terminals
2-Channel RCA Input ;2-ChannelXLR Input

Input Impedance
RCA 10.5K ohm /XLR 21.7K ohm

Output terminals
2 pairs beryllium copper binding post, custom made by Starke Sound

Output Impedance
0.09 ohm 1kHz

Damping coefficient

Full size
W 270 mm x D 228 mm x H 90 mm (w/ foot))




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