The Dual CS 418 offers a superb and compelling balanced sound experience. Emphasis on high component precision is a feature of the entire range of Dual products. This is the case for the entry model CS 418, which uses the same platform as the higher models in the product range.

Durable platter bearing for long-term enjoyment.

Motor fitted with rubber damping to for maximum silence.

Technical Data
Drive:; Belt
Speed settings: 33/45/78
Wow & Flutter: < ±0,1 % (DIN WTD)

Bearing: Ball-bearing
Effective length: 221,5 mm
Offset Angle: 25,6°
Overhang: 19 mm
Type: statically balanced
Stylus Pressure Range: 0 g bis 4 g
Cartridge Weight Range 5 g bis 9 g
Factory installed pick up: Ortofon 2M Red

Material: Aluminium die-cast
Mat: Rubber 2,5 mm
Bearing: Hardened steel spindle Brass bushing
Diameter: 305 mm
Weight (incl. Mat): 850 g

Material: MDF, folded
Surface finish: Vinyl veneer / Black
Feet: Ø 62 mm / Elastomer
Connection: RCA socket
Connection to Phono Input: Yes
Connection to Line Input: Yes
Digital Output: No
Dimension, closed dustcover: 435 x 367 x 145 mm
Dimension, open dustcover: D: 415 mm / H: 400 mm
Weight: 5,8 kg
Power plug AC / DC: External power supply

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