As a fully automatic machine, the Dual CS 329 offers ideal convenience. The tonearm swivels, lowers and raises autonomously at the touch of a button. All you have to do is put on the record and press the start button.

The uncomplicated one from Dual with aspirations. The CS 329 uses sophisticated technology for entry-level analogue music playback.  With Plug & Play, you get a complete, ready-to-use package; all components are pre-assembled and permanently set. Plug in and get started!


Plinth: MDF – Plastic
-Elastomer vibration absorber integrated inside the feet
-Removable dust cover

Platter: Aluminium Die-cast
-Precise aluminium die-cast
-Heavy rubber mat for resonance damping

Tonearm: Straight, Plug and Play
-Plug & Play: all adjustments are factory fixed
-All functions can be fully automatic or manual

Drive: DC- Motor / Belt
-Rubber mountings for vibration decoupling
-Precision cut belt for lower wow & flutter


-Drive: Belt
-Speed settings: 33/45
-Wow & Flutter: < ±0,12 % (DIN WTD)

-Auto-Start/-Stop-Function: Automatic
-Bearing: Ball-bearing
-Effective length: 221,5 mm
-Offset Angle: 25,6°
-Overhang: 19 mm
-Type: statically balanced
-Stylus Pressure Range: Fixed
-Factory installed pick up: Audio-Technica AT91

-Material: Aluminium die-cast
-Mat: Rubber 2,5 mm
-Bearing: Hardened steel spindle Brass bushing (inverted)
-Diameter: 297 mm
-Weight (incl. Mat): 667 g

-Material: Plastic / MDF
-Surface finish: Black
-Feet: Ø 62 mm / Elastomer
-Connection: RCA cable (fixed)
-Dimension, closed dustcover: 435 x 372 x 132 mm
-Dimension, open dustcover: T: 405 mm / H: 390 mm
-Weight: 5 kg
-Power plug AC / DC: External power supply

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