The Maestro X7 supports the most sought after immersive surround formats, such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced, with 16-channels of balanced and unbalanced outputs including four user-configurable outputs. The Maestro X7 offers a full complement of inputs for connection to the latest audio/video components, including 7 HDMI 2.0b inputs that fully support 4K UHD and HDR playback.

AudioControl’s next generation of high-performance preamp/processors enable home theater specialists and A/V integrators to create systems that deliver new levels of precision, power and control.

The new Maestro X7 houses the very latest in audio and video processing technology, featuring Dirac Live® room correction to overcome acoustic anomalies in any space, and ESS SABRE PRO DACs that ensure unprecedented levels of detail and clarity along with earth-shaking, authoritative bass response.

Enthusiasts will enjoy intuitive app-based control, Google Cast, AirPlay 2, Roon Ready, aptX Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming connectivity options as well as integrated web-based configuration.

All of this outstanding technology has been wrapped quite elegantly within a completely new industrial design, distinguishing AudioControl’s home cinema preamp/processor lineup from any other solution.

Dolby Atmos
Dolby Atmos for the home represents every sound in the original cinema mix as an audio object. Extensions to the Dolby AudioTM CODECs, along with an advanced scalable algorithm, allow Dolby Atmos to be delivered via Blu-ray Disc and streaming media. AudioControl’s Immersive AV Receivers and Preamp Processors adapt the cinema experience to your home theater using up to 12 channels (for configurations above 8 channels, additional power amplification is required), recreating the original artistic concept.

Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision is advanced high dynamic range (HDR). A new capability in today’s cutting-edge televisions, HDR complements HD and UHD (4K) displays. Rather than increasing resolution, as 4K does, HDR focuses on the brightness, contrast, and color of the image. While these benefits have been talked about in the past, one look at a new HDR display reveals a powerfully enhanced TV image. AudioControl’s Immersive AV Receivers and Preamp Processors fully support playback of Dolby Vision content.

Creating a lifelike audio experience in a cinema or at home has always presented a challenge. DTS:X makes sound move around you like it would in real life – without requiring specific speakers or custom configurations. Moviemakers can now immerse you deeper in the experience than ever before. AudioControl’s Immersive AV Receivers and Preamp Processors support DTS:X and will bring the mix designed for movie theaters into your home.

Imax Enhanced
AudioControl’s IMAX Enhanced Immersive AV Receivers and Preamp Processors feature DTS:X immersive audio decoding that is optimized to properly reproduce the full dynamic range of IMAX theatrical sound mixes available in IMAX Enhanced content. With meticulous adjustments modeled on the IMAX theatrical sound system, this proprietary IMAX audio mix is translated for home theater environments and exclusively delivered using a special variant of the DTS:X codec technology to deliver the IMAX signature sound experience in the home. Additionally, IMAX is working with its global studio and content partners to make available a steady stream of IMAX Enhanced versions of blockbuster movies and additional programming.

Auro-3D is the next generation three-dimensional audio standard. It provides a realistic sound experience unlike anything before. By fully immersing the listener in a cocoon of life-like sound, Auro-3D creates the sensation of actually ‘being there’. Thanks to a unique ‘Height’ channel configuration, acoustic reflections are generated and heard naturally due to the fact that sounds originate from around as well as above the listener.

Dirac Live
AudioControl’s Immersive AV Receivers and Preamp Processors use a built in proprietary automatic loudspeaker setup function from Dirac Research. Using a PC/MAC based application, Dirac Live determines the essential speaker settings for all the speakers in your system. It also calculates room equalization (Room EQ) filter values to remove some of the worst effects of resonant frequencies in the listening room. The result is improved staging, better clarity and intelligibility in music and vocals, and deeper, tighter bass without resonance.

Roon Ready
Roon is an incredibly rich and engaging way to browse and organize your music. It runs on most Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, or on other products which include Roon Core. Being Roon Ready means that AudioControl network players transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to your network player. Together, Roon and AudioControl deliver the power, flexibility, and performance of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available.

-9.1.6 decoding for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
-IMAX Enhanced, Auro-3D
-4K UHD supporting HDMI 2.0b and HDCP 2.2
-ES9026PRO SABRE DACs (124 dB of dynamic range)
-Dirac Live® room correction
-16 channel XLR outputs
-16 channel unbalanced outputs
-Pairs perfectly with Savoy G4, Pantages G4, Avalon G4
-Dolby VisionTM playback support
-HDR support (HDR10/BT.2020)
-4 user-assignable output channels
-7 HDMI inputs / 3 HDMI outputs (eARC)
-IP, IR, RS232, and Wifi control
-AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast streaming support
-Roon Ready

-Audio Inputs: 7 HDMI, 2 XLR, 6 RCA Phono, 4 Coax SPDIF, 2 Toslink
-Nominal sensitivity: 1V, 2V, 4V (user selectable)
-Input Impedance: 47 kΩ
-Signal to Noise (A-wtd ref 100W) normal/stereo direct: 100 dB/110 dB
-Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB
-Video Inputs: 7 HDMI (HDMI 2.0b / HDCP 2.2)

-Preamp Audio Outputs: 16 channels (balanced XLR), 16 channels (unbalanced RCA), 2 channels zone 2 (unbalanced RCA), 1 Toslink
-Nominal output level: 1 Vrms (max. 5 Vrms)
-Output impedance: 560 Ω
-THD+N (20 Hz – 20 kHz): -100dB
-Main Video Outputs: Dual (2) HDMI (eARC support)
-Second Zone Output: 1 HDMI
-Headphone Output: 1 1/4″

Weights & Dimensions
Dimensions (including terminals and feet): 43.18cm W x 42.926cm D x 18.542cm H (4U)
Weight: 12.3 kg

In the box: 
-Maestro X7,
-HTR-3 remote with 2 x AAA batteries
-DAB/FM antenna
-3 x WiFi/Bluetooth antennas
-Calibration microphone
-USB cable
-Power cord
-User manual