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Advice | Design | Sales

Our sales team is ready to help you with your designs, specifications and/or requirements on New Equipment & Systems.
We can also help you improve your Existing System.

We have extremely humble yet knowledgeable staff ready to assist!

We can give you Advice, Designs and Online Pricing on:
Home Cinema/Theatre, Hi-fi, Speakers, AV Amplifiers, Stereo Amplifiers, Projectors, Turntables, Headphones, Music/Audio/Video Sources & Media Players, Lightning Protection, Surge & Power Conditioners, Home Networks & Wi-Fi throughout the entire home, CCTV, Security Systems, Convenience, Smart Homes and SIMPLE Integration of all of the above!

We also offer the same to the professional and commercial sectors.

The list above is not exhaustive of what we offer!

No client is too big or too small for us! We look forward to welcoming you to the Audioholics® Family!


Sound & Demo Rooms

We have two dedicated sound rooms for you to come and enjoy! The First Room is dedicated more for Home Theater use and the second is a dedicated Hi-Fi Stereo Room. We also have our various wireless audio systems ready to demo.

 After making an appointment, we will demonstrate our various systems and equipment to you.
We have a multitude of products and systems in our demo rooms. If there is something specific that is currently not on display, and same may be arranged to be demonstrated.

 We will then help you choose what is best suited for you, within your budget!.


Home Theater Room or Home Cinema

Most homes have a living/TV room of some sort. Some homes even have a dedicated home cinema or theater room. We can bring the cinema to any room in your home. You can have the luxuriousness and convenience of having “movie night” every day in your home!

We always say:
“Enjoy movies the way the film director intended!”

Our systems can allow you to stream Full HD movies/series straight off the Internet. We can build you your own media server for a personalised home media library. This can include all of your cinema movies, series etc, your music library and your personal / family home videos and photos.

This investment to your home will not only improve its value but be the envy of everyone!

Get ready to be the most popular home on the block!


Whole Home Audio | Video Integration

In days gone by, anyone who wanted to have music in their room, needed to have an old fashioned Hi-Fi of some sort. It was associated with your collection of CDs, records etc. Many people have left this type of technology in its era! Today we have music systems that are completely hidden and all of the equipment can be installed out of sight! The speakers can even be hidden and built in the walls or ceilings. The systems can be easily controlled by anyone in each room.

We also have stand-alone music systems that are very inexpensive and most importantly, are WIRELESS! They are beautiful and fit in with the most discerning decors and tastes!

We supply and install systems that gives you unique access to music libraries in excess of 50 MILLION SONGS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

We have everything available from the humble BOOKSHELF to BUILT-IN or HIDDEN SPEAKERS, right through to speakers that actually look more like fancy pieces of art!

For the audio connoisseur with an unlimited budget, we have audio systems that surpass the R5 Million mark!

If you would like to see big fancy FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS without any equipment viewable, this is no longer a problem! We work closely with you, your architect and/or interior designer to ensure our systems comply with your requirements.

For those who are old-school, we have a massive selection of audiophile grade Hi-Fi systems too!!!!


High Definition Audio & Video in the Bedroom & Other Rooms

Many homes and businesses have Audio and/or Video systems that are of inferior or substandard quality.

 In today’s modern times, many families own more than just one television. Our systems allow and ensure that every room in the home and business have Full HD Audio | Video, with easy and intuitive control! There is no need to struggle any longer! We will have every room covered with the latest technology, without breaking the bank!


 An example of a typical home:
DSTV decoder and Blu-Ray player in the main TV room.
Both of these sources can be distributed and viewed in any room with no quality compromise!

 Please see a quick Explainer Video on our Showcase Page:


Intelligent & Efficient Lighting Control & Integration

What if light switches didn’t just control the lights…

 Conventionally, each room or business would have a set of lights connecting to a dedicated light switch. Wouldn’t it be great if your light switches could control the lighting of your home and many other functions and systems, in a smarter more intelligent way that would improve you and your family’s experience?

 We have simple systems that will smartly control all of your home’s lighting circuits (or selected circuits).
An example would be:
Just before retiring to the main bedroom, you press one button that is clearly labelled: “HOUSE SLEEP” and within seconds your entire home enters into a predefined state that turns specific light circuits off and/or dimming others as desired.

Please see a quick Explainer Video on our Showcase Page:

As you arrive home after a hard day of work you press one button in your living room that is clearly labelled “CHILL TIME” and the home will detect if it is dark and set the level of your living room area and all associated areas to a comfortable brightness level and perhaps turn on one of your favourite playlists or music artists to put you in a perfectly relaxing mode.

 Imagine a button for “MOVIE NIGHT”, or “DATE NIGHT”… The possibilities are endless and totally up to you!

Your alarm system detects some type of an intrusion? Automatically, all of your properties floodlights, passages and outside lights get turned on to assist you in dealing with this emergency situation.
The intruder would most probably be instantly scared off by this automatic commotion.

 Our intelligent lighting systems can detect if the property is vacant and turn off any and/or all lights. Lighting systems can ensure immediate electrical cost savings by implementing our smart and trusted energy saving solutions.

 Our systems are tried and tested in existing homes and new developments. There is no need for chopping / chasing walls for new conduit wires, due to our wireless technology.

 To sum it up: CONVENIENCE AND SIMPLICITY at the touch of a button!!!


Smart Home Systems & Integration

What is this concept many people ask?
Most people have a preconceived idea of what home automation is all about.

Many incorrectly assume that it is simply overrated, too expensive and only for the rich and famous and costs millions of rands or can only exist on the “Star Trek Enterprise”.

A lot of people think that there may be a number of reasons why it cannot or should not be installed in their home. Perhaps some of these assumptions may have been correct many years ago but things have changed progressively for the consumer.

Some of our simple solutions can be as inexpensive as R15,000

We have a dedicated page explaining this carefully and simply with some examples and an explainer video. We encourage you to please view this page:


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