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High-End Music Streaming means no more need for CD Players, Ipods, MP3s,Turntables, etc…. In today’s modern era, all the world’s music can be at the tip of your fingers within seconds in Audioholics standard Quality Sound. High fidelity stereo systems & whole-home audio integration, the advent of music streaming has come a long way.


Many enthusiasts still prefer a high-end turntable or compact disc player, but we find that the majority of our new clients are prepared to sacrifice that small quality difference for absolute convenience with the massive variety.

High-End Music Streaming


At Audioholics, we have quite a number of various music streaming technologies combined with our state-of-the-art hi-fi systems that are capable of delivering extremely high-quality music audio reproduction in a dedicated room or right through the home in multiple rooms with ease and very high quality.

We naturally can even integrate the simple music control into our Smart Room & Home Solutions at a nominal price. This makes having music streaming so simple. It can be turned on / off at the click of just 1 button from your Smart Light Switch. You can even change the tracks playing, volume and much much more very easily with Smart Control by Audioholics. Music streaming has become far more popular than downloading music.

Naturally, the extremely high-quality uncompressed download formats are better than music streaming and among some both arguably different and indifferent. There are a number of music streaming services out there such as Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, Deezer, Apple’s iTunes etc.

Some of these service providers offer CD quality and lossless audio.

streaming services

Please feel free to book an appointment with Audioholics for a demonstration of how we can easily implement you having around 50+ million music tracks at the touch of a button in your own home or environment with professional and state-of-the-art audio systems and installation that we provide.

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